2008年12月23日 星期二

2008年12月3日 星期三

Lazy me Lazy Bee

It's been a long time haven't update lo, and I haven't keep my promise with Jonna, so might be start with mini drawing, cos' I'm 2 busy to gym lo

2008年7月29日 星期二

Artist Series Yubz Retro Handsfree by Eliza

Thanks a lot boss of YUBZ, who's a brilliant creative guy give me this chance to join his campaign, and share with me his business thought plus experience. And buy me and Leslie (another YUBZ designer) a great lunch.



2008年6月29日 星期日

Comforter Bunny Doudou from Sigikid

This snuggly doudou makes a wonderful first toy for babies. Made from all new materials, with nubbly blue fur on one side, and a fun blue stars and green polka dots theme on the other, this little bunny is sure to keep baby engaged with its sumptuous colors and textures. The tied feet also add a bit of interest, and are great for sucking on, to help soothe teething gums.

Designed in Germany and made in Romania.

L 7.5 x W 9.5 in.

wiggle, jiggle and shake

This soft little lamb is sure to make baby smile. Pull the lamb's tale and watch the little body wiggle, jiggle and shake! We love the lamb's red an pink striped coat and cute little smiling face. Sure to be a hit with babies who are developing their fine motor skills and even toddlers who like silly little animals. Made of cotton cloth and cotton terry. Lovingly designed and made in Germany.To clean, wipe with a damp cloth and let air dry.

H 4.25 x D 3.0 in.

Stamp set

Help design spectacular ball gowns for beautiful young princesses with this fun and original stamp set. The set comes with 20 pictures of princesses in simple, unadorned gowns, 14 stamp designs and 3 ink pads in red, gold and purple, which can be used to decorate the gowns in unique patterns and colors. Stamping can be more than just flat shapes of hearts and flowers, it can be an expression of stories and wild imaginations. The charming and unique images on these stamps seem to hold a secret story, just begging to be told. Will you be the one to tell it? Created in Paris by Elodie Nouhen for Djeco, for the artist in us all.


A wonderfully simple step-by-step approach to origami for young beginners. Each sheet of paper in the set is colorfully designed and includes clearly marked fold lines, which children can follow to make many different animals from boars to foxes. To finish off the animals, there are even stickers included to add whiskers, eyes and a touch of personality. A simple approach to a fine art form. Created in Paris by Lili Scratchy for Djeco, for the artist in us all.

Each Sheet: L 8.0 x W 8.0 in.

2008年6月22日 星期日

2008年6月17日 星期二

The Milky Way Towel doll

The Milky Way Towel doll
makes a wonderful first doll for baby. Its soft body is wonderful for cuddling while the soft cotton flannel is fun for baby to chew. We like this doll's gentle smile and the stars embroidered on the cloth. Especially nice, this towel doll is reversible to reveal a bright yellow star.

The Milky Way Towel Doll was designed and finely crafted in Germany. Washable in cold water. Line dry or dry using the "fluff" or "air" setting on the dryer.

Baby sofa Reference from HABA

Baby sofa Reference

Working on a baby sofa, so I've searching for lots of reference again, share with you, most of them under "Sigikid" brand

2008年6月15日 星期日

Cute bottle

I 've brought a set of nice bottle which is very small of each from a "ten dollar" shop, I love it ^ ^

2008年6月14日 星期六

Kidmodern Art - Jellybean Tree

A museum-quality and kid-friendly print by Gale Kaseguma is the perfect choice to brighten up any child's room. Kaseguma's original art is printed onto canvas that has been hand-stretched over a wooden frame with a wire hanger on the back for easy hanging. Each piece features exceptional detail, vibrant colors, and decoratively finished edges -- so no frame (or glass!) is necessary.

2008年6月2日 星期一

Another Sui B B like Toy

The Green Grabbing Toy Flower makes a wonderful rattle and teething toy for baby. The chunky wooden ring is smooth and easy for babies to grasp and mouth on, while the green flower makes a pleasant rattling sound. Perhaps best of all, the grabbing toy is washable in cold water! Remove wooden ring before washing.

2008年6月1日 星期日

Fabric product

My problem is always think and research but hard to take action, right now I'm eager to create my own fabric product, and I start to look for what ours were doing, here's some I think attractive.

Marimekko Corporation is a leading Finnish textile and clothing design company that was established in 1951. The company designs, manufactures and markets high-quality clothing, interior decoration textiles, bags and other accessories under the Marimekko brand, both in Finland and abroad.

Pia Andersson, mother of two daughters, started Mimi the Sardine in the late 80's. After designing and producing children's clothing for several major mail order companies including Hanna Andersson and Garnet Hill, the company now specializes in functional products made from eco-coated cotton fabrics directly imported from Sweden.

Selection of fabulous vintage reproduction and retro fabrics plus hard-to-find japan import fabrics.
Also have unusual buttons, beautiful ribbons, retro iron on patches, fantastic sewing patterns, and wonderful home items too!

2008年5月30日 星期五

Working on Bib project, here's some nice bib I found from Mimi the Sardine

This cute bib with eco-friendly coatings is perfect for keeping your clothes clean at mealtime. The fabric used is Swedish-made and depicts an assortment of lively jungle animals, sewn together with a velcro neck clasp and a small front pocket for spoons or a napkin.

The Frog Prince

Recently, I'm working on bath toy projects and wish to do something about "The Frog Prince", and here's some of my research

Living Stones

What a creative design by Smarin

Party Time

Look so much like my sui B B

What a suprise I find such toy so much look like my sui B B, is that the designer from Manhattan Toy change to work in Kathe Kruse ?
This Squeaky Milky Way pink doll is fun to look at and even more fun for your little one to grab and chew. The pink body squeaks when squeezed. We love the little girl's bright, starry halo.

Star's face so tiny

I love this much the star's face so tiny, very cute, but really expensive, should I but it or not?

This fun Sonajero Verde is for clutching and more! The center handle squeaks, and the blue heart crinkles. We love the beads in the yellow heart and the soft smile on the orange star. Also attached is a ring for teething and a loop for attaching a pacifier. A great toy for your little one. Lovingly designed and crafted in Germany. Surface material is made of cotton.